Thursday, September 4, 2008

TM! Ah!

It was 8pm before I finally had the chance to get out there and by that point it was too dark. I headed for the gym and the treadmill. It went suprisingly well though. However, I grabbed my water bottle to take a drink after 4 miles and when I went to set the bottle down - I accidentally bumped the emergency stop button. Dang!!! The treadmill immediatly shut off. If there weren't other people in there with me I would have started cursing. I started it back up again but couldn't get back into my rhythm. I forced myself to go another 1/2 mile though and then walked .2 miles. So....all in all it was 4.7 miles. I'll most likely find myself back at the gym tonight. It's only a high of 60 today (yikes!) and is supposed to rain until late this evening - even in WI we're feeling Gustav's effects. As long as I can keep my clumsy self in line, I should be ok. : )