Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never mind!

My body played a trick on me. It wasn't until the 2nd day after my ten miler that I felt it! Ahh! I hobbled around the whole day in pain. I guess I spoke too soon! haha I feel much better today though so hopefully I'll have time to hit the gym for some weights and cross training on the elliptical.

Has anyone checked out Amy's blog lately? She is totally rocking it out and flying past PR after PR. Yay Amy!!


Amy said...

stop, now you're making me feel bad for only doing 2 last night :)

chris said...

Yikes! I hope you start to feel better soon...i bet the weight training will help.

I am all over Amy's blog, Jill! Don't you worry!

Debbie said...

Weight training sounds fun! I always hurt the second day after a tough workout.

Liz said...


Just stumbled upon your blog and love it!!

I'm training for my first HM in Sept, blogging about it and praying I can finish!

Thanks for writing and I am going to add you to my blog roll...