Monday, August 4, 2008


Hey Jen, this one's for you! ; )

I've been completely slacking on the blog writing lately. Most of the reason being that apart from last week, I haven't really been running. I was doing a few miles here and there but nothing substantial enough. I figured if I wasn't bringing it one would yell at me. ;) But, good news is...that I'm back.

My sis and I decided to do the 1/2 marathon and not the full. We came to the conclusion that pushing the full back a few months is worth it compared to the alternatives of either injuring ourselves, becoming bitter running haters, or worse..whatever that could be. So we'll push back the full to next spring. As soon as we agreed on this it was as if a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders. I think I was anti-running for a few weeks because of the stress of thinking about the marathon. I'm not mentally or physically ready yet and the easiest way to deal with the time...was to ignore running all together. Now that we've got that taken care of, I'm back in action and am LOVING it. I had forgotten how addicting it was and how good it felt. much I missed everyone's encouragement and bullying. : ) I love our little running community!

With that being said, I'm not running tonight, nor did I run yesterday. Yikes! But tomorrow will be another story! And..due to the fact that I have a dinner date with a friend of mine tomorrow night, I will be forced to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to run tomorrow. Wish me luck...I am not a morning person!

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Jenn said...

Hello from a fellow VRC member! Smart move on the half ...I'm running Chicago (full) in October and have been wondering if it's a mistake.