Friday, August 29, 2008

Back again...

Well as I mentioned in my last blog, I did the swim part in a triathlon a couple weeks ago. It was a really cool experience and I hope to take part in the full next year. I didn't swim too fast, 15mins and some odd seconds but it wasn't that bad. It was a whole different experience swimming in a lake than a pool. You don't have the line on the bottom to follow, the flip turns, and the constant idea of how far you've gone vs. how much is left. My relay team did finish 3rd though - yay!

Last night I ran 4 milies. It felt terrible for the first mile but as I kept going it progressively got better. By the last mile I was cruising along at an alarmingly fast pace for myself and couldn't help but smile. I even considered going one more loop around the neighborhood but reminded myself of how much shin splints hurt and didn't want to over do it.

In a few hours I'm flying home to visit the fam for the weekend. I'll be back at it on Sunday evening though with 6 miles on the docket. The half marathon is in 7 weeks....gotta start really pushing myself.

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